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Ashoka Lion now providers multiple methods to pay rent utilizing our strategic partners to streamline the time and effort that it takes our Houston and Dallas area tenants to papy their rent in a timely basis. With our rent payment system. You do not have to wait to hav a property manager come to pick up your rent , risk losing rent by mailing in your rental payment, or waste time and money driving to the bank to deposit your rent to our banking center

Through our tenant portals, tenants can pay their rent payment through their bank account for a fee(please reference our “online payment setup form” in tenant portal for fee and stipulations).Note:Fee is subject to change Note: the payment portal through your tenant portal requires a bank account

Additionally , through our partnership with paylease, you now have additional tools to pay rent using a credit/debit card. If you are not by a computer, then you can call PayLease’s contact number and make payments over the phone with one of their trained staff. With all these tools available to tenants, there is no reason that rental payment cannot be made in timely manner

Questions about setting up your account with PayLease bellow?
Please contact a PayLease Representive at (869) 725-5325 or

Question about setting up your tenant porta? Send the property management team email through the “Contact Us” menu of our website.

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